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Sliding Gate Opener Kit CAME BKV -4,400 LB 120V CHAIN

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Solution for large sliding gates.

  • “Adaptive Speed and Torque Technology” to ensure lasting, constant and smooth speed during movement.
  • Control board with terminal blocks, graphic display and storage for up to 250 users.
  • Four safety inputs which can be configured to directly manage the (8k2Ω) resistive sensitive safety-edges.
  • User-friendly release lever for manually open the gate.
  • Set up to fit the 806SA-0120 clock control board for managing up to eight settings for opening and closing maneuvers.
  • Protection rating against weathering agents (IP54).
  • Option to install magnetic limit switches (001RSDN002).
  • Developed with CONNECT technology for remote digital control via gateway or locally via CAME KEY.

Sliding Gate Opener Kit CAME BKV -4,400 LB 120V CHAIN

Kit Composition: 

  • Sliding Gate Opener CAME BKV20RGS Operator 120V 4,400 Lb
  • Remote Control Bi-Channel CAME TOP-432EE (433.92 Mhz)
  • Plug-In Reciver CAME 433.92 Mhz Radio Frequency Card
  • Chain Transmission Device For CAME (BKV) Model

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